Tiffany Haddish Slammed Over 'Educational' Israel Trip To 'Meet Future Man'

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Tiffany Haddish is facing backlash for taking an "educational trip" to Israel amid the Israel-Hamas war.

On Tuesday (February 20), Haddish, who is Jewish, took to Instagram Live to share that she was flying business class to Israel to "learn and see with my own eyes."

“I’m gonna go meet my future man out there. I’m out. I’m going to the Holy Land. I suggest you all do it,” Haddish told her followers while holding a drink.

“This is orange juice, it’s not a mimosa,” the comedian, who's been arrested for DUI, noted. “Champagne gives me gas. I would never do that to these people.”

Haddish went on to make up her own tune about her trip to Israel.

“On my way to Tel Aviv, then to Jerusalem. Then I’m going to the Dead Sea and goin’ get me some. Gonna have some fun, yeah. It’s gonna be great. Then I’m gonna learn about the politics, ay," the Girls' Trip star said.

Haddish appeared to respond to a fan's question about whether she was going to Gaza.

“Who said I wasn’t going to Gaza?” she said on Instagram Live. “I said I’m going to go see with my own eyes. Gotta go to Israel first.”

“And isn’t Gaza in Israel?” Haddish continued. “Ain’t it all on the same continent, the same little piece of land and surrounded by water?”

When asked if the trip was for “vacation or work,” Haddish said it was for a “history lesson.”

“This is sociology,” she added. “This is an educational trip for me. I want to go get educated. I want to see what’s really going on. I want to learn how it started, why it started.”

“I want to see where Jesus walked. I want to see all the stuff everywhere they talked about in the Bible. I want to see all that. So if it’s in the Bible, I’m probably gonna be there.”

Social media users slammed Haddish over her comments on Instagram Live. See their reactions below.

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