Bill Cosby Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Former Playmate In New Lawsuit

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A former playmate model is accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault in a new lawsuit.

In the suit, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, ex-Playmate Victoria Valentino, 80, alleges that she was drugged and raped by Cosby after the two ran into each other at a restaurant in 1969, per People.

Valentino claims that Cosby coerced her into taking a pill after he saw her crying over the death of her 6-year-old son.

"Here! Take this! It will make you feel better. It will make us all feel better," Valentino says Cosby told her.

After taking the pill, Valentino “engaged in forced sexual intercourse” with Cosby, according to the suit. The former model believes Cosby exploited her while she was in a vulnerable state of grief.

“The trauma he inflicted upon me affects not only me but my children and grandchildren," Valentino said in a statement. "By breaking my silence and speaking my truth, I hope this serves as my legacy to my family, and shows those survivors who have yet to find their voices, that hope and healing are possible.”

In response to the allegations, Andrew Wyatt, a spokesperson for Cosby, called the lawsuit an attack on "the Black men in America."

"Victoria Valentino has skirted from town to town promoting her alleged allegations against Mr. Cosby to anyone that would give her platform, without any proof or facts," Wyatt said in a statement. "It's unfortunate that media has not vetted the inconsistencies in her many statements. What graveyard can Mr. Cosby visit, in order to dig up potential witnesses to testify on his behalf? America is continuing to see that this a formula to make sure that no more Black Men in America accumulate the American Dream that was secured by Mr. Cosby."

Valentino's lawsuit comes almost six months after five other accusers filed a 34-page complaint against Cosby in New York's Supreme Court,

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