Your Guide To Minnesota Firework Laws

Fireworks Celebration

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With the Fourth of July right around the corner, many Minnesota residents may want to set off fireworks in celebration. If you are one of those people, we suggest knowing what's legal and what's not.

According to Family Fun Twin Cities:

Minnesota has the strictest fireworks laws in the region. Pretty much everything you would consider real fireworks is illegal here. All we can legally use are sparklers, things like cones that shoot sparks on the ground, snakes and poppers – nothing that shoots into the sky. All fireworks (including sparklers) are illegal on public property, including parks. They are meant to be used on private property. Save your fireworks for home. Children cannot legally purchase fireworks. Bring an ID when purchasing. Any lawful vendor will ask for it.

The fireworks that are legal fall into three categories, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety: Sparklers, cones and tubes and novelty items with less than "twenty-five hundredths grains of explosive mixture. As for what is not legal, it's pretty easy to determine. Anything that flies, bursts or shatters violently is illegal in Minnesota.

For more information on firework laws in Minnesota, check out this article. And remember: stay safe!

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