Biden Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low: Report

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President Joe Biden's approval rating reached a new low on Friday (May 20) according to the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Research poll.

With economic and party frustrations looming over Biden's administration, the president's approval dropped to an all-time low of 39 percent. According to The Hill, Biden's low ratings highlight the hurdles the Democratic party will face heading into midterm elections.

The AP poll found that 20 percent of American adults think the economy is in good shape, which is down from last month's 30 percent. 33 percent of Democrats believe the country is being steered in the right direction, down 49 percent from the month prior.

Rising prices of gas, food, airfare, and other goods have hampered Biden's approval for months. Most recently, supply chain issues led to a nationwide shortage of baby formula, which has left many Americans frustrated with the administration.

AP's newest poll revealed only 18 percent of adults think the president's policies have done more to help the economy than hurt. That's compared to the 51 percent who said the current administration has hurt more than they've helped.

According to The Hill, White House officials argue their policies are effective, but they see the need to inform Americans what the administration is doing to bolster the economy.

As the November midterms approach, a boost in approval ratings could help Democrats keep their narrow majority in the House and Senate, The Hill reports.

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